CFB world refuses to accept Alabama Football loss

A topic amongst both college football fans and media has been the impact of Alabama’s injuries in the title game. However, there is no good reason to bring that up.

Injuries are, unfortunately, part of every sport, and the more injuries there are, the more games are hindered. The world of college football is no exception to this rule, to the point where the impact of missing players is brought up after every single matchup.

College football’s latest instance of this has, obviously, come following Monday night’s entertaining national championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs.

A rematch of last month’s SEC title game, the national championship saw Georgia get revenge on their league’s biggest foe. Despite seeing a 41-24 defeat back in early December, they rose above the Tide in what concluded as a 33-18 win in favor of the Bulldogs.

During the affair, though, Alabama lost an impact player in Jameson Williams, one of the nation’s top wide receivers. This was a hefty loss for sure, especially when considering that fellow star receiver John Metchie III had already been missing for the Tide.

So as one could surely imagine, the weight of these players’ absences was being measured by fans following Alabama’s loss, which is very understandable. What isn’t very understandable is how seriously college football media took the discussion.

Again, the Crimson Tide surely felt the absences of their two top wide receivers, common sense can confirm that. But the fact that such a topic bled into the minds of analysts and pundits, so much so that they broke it down in thrilling detail, is not a great look.

Many college football viewers knew that the Tide had a solid chance to win the national title game, so upon seeing a convincing loss for them instead, a topic like the impact of their injuries being so heavy in sports debates implies a denial of the game’s outcome.

In other words, the “Bama Bias” is really showing its face in the media following the title game, because when someone beats Bama, there has to be an explanation that invalidates it somehow. There has to be, regardless of how deserving the adversary was of victory.

Yes, if the Crimson Tide had a healthy combo of Metchie III and Williams throughout the entirety of their rematch with UGA, their chances of prevailing would have certainly increased. Not a single soul is refuting that.

However, even at their healthiest, those two would have never been out there on defense, giving up Georgia scores. They wouldn’t have been out there throwing a pick-six in the final moments, either.

The CFB world just needs to let Georgia have its national championship, A.K.A. that thing they haven’t had in over four decades. Again, injuries are part of the game, so the more they’re talked about, the less accepted Alabama’s fair-and-square loss appears to be.


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